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You’ve just signed your business up to one of the best conference call providers out there, as you know that going for an “affordable option” is probably not that affordable after all. However, remember the old saying of “don’t put all your eggs in to one basket”? That saying could never be truer than with teleconferencing.

We’re not having a stab at any one conference call company here, it’s just a matter of business life, or life in general, that not everything can run perfectly all the time and that’s because there’s many links in the teleconferencing chain – you and the other attendees, your hardware (landline, laptop or phone), as well as the telephone network (again, of yours and your attendees) and that’s before we even get on to conference call service providers issues, such as servers going down, or issues with their telephone numbers and so forth.

So, believe me when we say; no conference call provider is perfect, but once a link in the chain breaks and your provider is temporarily down, be it a few seconds, minutes or hours, what are you going to do? If your conference calls are of great importance, i.e., used for sales calls, project updates and so forth, it’s an idea to have a back up that you can switch to ASAP.

When it comes to back up, you need to think of the associated costs – are you willing to sign an additional contract with a company, where you may end up using it on the odd occasion, or perhaps sign up to a Pay As You Go option, but, probably end up paying a princely sum per minute.

A good middle ground may be any of those 2 options, but to lighten the load, you may want to sign up to two conference call providers (on monthly bundled minutes) and spread out the usage evenly between them.

Of course, the last option isn’t without it’s issues – the big one being how you communicate to your users about having two lots of login / conference call credentials, which may end up causing even more issues, thus, think very carefully about how you would potentially roll out 2 conference call providers, especially if the ‘backup’ is in daily use too.

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