Directly and Intrinsically Linked to COVID-19, We’ve Seen Worldwide Uptake of Conference Calling as the World Prepares to Temporarily Shut Down, While Keeping Lines of Communication Open.

[IMMEDIATE RELEASE]: LONDON, UK, March, 16th 2020 — Latest data shows that conference calling services are intrinsically linked to COVID-19 coronavirus as it sweeps across the globe unabated, showing similar growth rates inline with one another, in particular to a country to country basis.

“Over the recent week, visitor numbers to have surged as businesses and other organisations reach out to us to understand how to better make their communication, both internal and external more robust” head of PR, Peter Montague said.

Further, Paul tells us, “Data is interesting – we’ve noticed that the surge in searches are coming as a direct cause of COVID-19 in specific countries, such as Italy, thus, we expect this week to peak for mainland Europe, followed by the UK & ROI by end of month.”


Paul also added, “It’s a relief, while countries are literally shutting up shop, as a greater society, we are understanding the importance of keeping communication open, but in a safe and appropriate manner, rather than face to face.

“We strongly urge companies and organisations, no matter the size, to prepare and brace for impact. We’ve been advising companies to do, at minimum, that which follows, referenced below. 1) Allow majority, if not all office staff to work from home. You need to start this process early and work out teething problems before crisis hits. 2) Open your business up to more technology, especially when it comes to communication – provide a spread of communication for internal/external use that meets business requirements. 3) Lastly, but not least, introduce a shadow board of director/top level staff. No doubt, some, if not all, will attract COVID-19 at some point, so bring more senior staff in to the fold and reduce risk if current director become ill.”



  1. Remote Board Meetings & Shadow Board
  2. Minimising the impact of Coronavirus on your company