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Web conferencing is considered to be very effective technique for the various applications it has. You can easily convert a regular conference call to a video conference call. This is the best part of making the web conference call. It makes the whole presentation more effective and interactive for the other people connected with the call. There are times when you can’t convince clients on the audio call; a video call gives you more opportunities for convincing the clients. You can have access to the places where telephones calls can’t be made. Also these days the computer and applications have spread so easily and deeply that it is not difficult to get a computer connection than it is to look for a telephone! It is a real boon from sales point of view. You can make sales presentations and meetings and reach even to the remotest client. You can do online and live auctions for your clients, and also be able do to a whole market research on the net. But these are all the basic outcomes of this technique. You can also use the call for sending out written material to the clients for better understanding of the matter. And since all this is done through the net you do not have t o think of the paper. Hence we do not realize that in the process of making the whole world digital and computer mastered we are reducing the wastage of non renewable resources and saving paper.

You can also avail other applications of the computer while making a web conference call, you can save them and use them or refer to them when need arises.