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Once upon a time communicating with each other was not so easy. It was a task with a pretext and then a whole elaborate process. It didn’t become so easy even when the telephones were first introduced. At that time it was a consolation that we could talk to each other and hear each other’s voices but then the whole process was difficult and lengthy. But with the developing times the process also revolutionized and people started to have long and easy conversations on the phone. It was a kick start to the business and economics and also to the personal relations of the man. Talking to clients had become very easy and coordinating plans and style of work with other people was easier than never before. But, our scientists did not sit back; and with this spirit they came up with a new revolution in the field, Tele-conferencing. In this mode a person can now talk to a group of people and not just one. Hence particular information is sent to a large group of people and to different parts of the world at the same instant. There are different ways in which a conference calling can be done. The first type is the one in which the third party can only listen to the audio but cannot give his own audio inputs in the call. It’s like just a piece of information that is received on the phone. Then there is a type in which all the callers connect over a conference bridge and talk to one another. In this there is no necessary calling party. And then the third in which three people can talk together I which a particular caller can call two people and connect them over the phone.