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The conference call mainly refers to a call in which many people are able to share the audio information at one time. There are types in which one can just listen to the talks of the two people, who are connected, and cannot give his inputs to the conversation in form of audio. This type of conference calling is called Audio Tele-Conference. In this the calling party can have one or more party listen to the audio portion of the call while the two ends of the calling side make a conversation. This type of conference calling makes sense when a particular business idea has to be communicated to the other people and their inputs are not necessary. It can be used to introduce any business policy or any work style decided by the heads. Also it can be used to inform the employees’ about the latest developments of the business group.

Then there are types in which the calling party can involve a third party into the conversation. In this case the third party can also give its audio inputs. It can also be done in a way that all the members of the call connect to each other by themselves dialing to a pin code responsible for the connection. There is a connection bridge over which all the callers meet and connect in to a call. The connection bridge is to be maintained by a service provider for the particular group of callers just like a phone connection is done.

And then there is a three way conference calling in which the caller brings over two receivers of the call together in one call.