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In earlier times communicating with other human beings was only possible when they happened to be in front of you or somewhere easily accessible. Long distance talks were not possible to be carried out. But, with the need of communicating information to one another and spreading particular information to far off places, humans devised a method of communicating. It was by writing short messages and sending it off with the help of the animals or through the people going that way. Since then there have been a lot of growth in the field of communication style and method. The revolution was brought along by Alexander Graham Bell with his telephone. Today a telephone has been a major part in the e-drive which has changed the face of communication and the way humans interact and share information.

Belonging to this wave of development is the medium of conference calling in which the person is not only able to talk to another person on the phone, but also involve many others in the conversation. With the help of conference calling a group can participate in a conversation without being anywhere present near each other. This has come up to be a great help in case of business for it has helped people involve new ways of doing work. And with the practices getting revolutionized the plans and the results also show development. In the conference call the callers connect over a ‘Conference Bridge’ which has a specific pin code. Either the calling party calls all the people and connect them over the bridge or they can come on the particular pin code.