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One fantastic benefit to conference calls, that is often overlooked, is that it is an incredibly eco-friendly activity. 

To make most businesses work, it’s imperative to connect with clients and colleagues regularly. In the past, the only way to do this successfully was to jump in your car or on the train and travel to meet up with your business connections. The reality of this is often that people from all sides of the country end up travelling, which adds up to a huge carbon footprint as well as wasting valuable man-hours.

The advent of the conference call provider means that this is no longer necessary; conference calls allow clients and colleagues to share ideas and tackle business solutions over a phone line or Internet connection. Another benefit to the environment brought about by conference calls is that they don’t rely on paper and this lowers waste material. How often do you attend a meeting where everybody is provided with a bulky handout that they quickly discard after the meeting is complete? Conference calls prevent this wastage by enabling the full team to view your documents directly on their computer screen.

Businesses are increasingly concerned with their carbon footprint and utilizing conference call services can really help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that you and your organisation create.