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Communication is the most important part of any business. To market yourself and to deal with the clients, a very good and effective communication system should be established. However many companies make an attempt to establish and use a huge communication network to encounter telephone bills that contradict their progress. It is generally because they do not choose the correct dialing method. Most of the companies are not even aware of the device they employ when making a conference call and it is totally left to the IT person.

If you hold free conference calls you can earn the trust of your clients and it also helps you gain loyalty. But it is not that you should be giving free conference calls throughout. Initially the calls can be free but eventually with more experience and listeners you can start doing the paid conference calls.

Whenever you are making a conference call, you are charged per connection and per minute. This indicates that if you connect to calls from various lines, the bill is also multiplied. This is known as the accessing point by the conference calling services.  Actually what happens is that whenever someone enters the conference with a password when the call is still connected, you are charged for that call. Therefore the charge for each call is multiplied several times when the average amount that you are paying is about $0.30. Therefore you can imagine how expensive telephone bill you can get. When you have about ten callers from various points and the conference call is held only once in a week, the bill would be about $372 per month!