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Pay as you go type of conference calling is considered as an ideal program for the occasional type of conference call users. This is because one needs to pay only when they use. It is better than purchasing the bundled plans that sometimes provide those services also that one doesn’t need or want. Generally, rates of pay as you go type of conferencing are based mainly on the exact numbers of the minutes that the person uses.

This plan is beneficial for the individual users because in case of the large corporations that are heavy type of conference users, there is a large amount of video and audio conferencing, so they need to have some saving plans like unlimited or flat rates.

There are mainly two main types of pay as you go to services. This is toll free services and the other is non toll free type of service. In Toll free type of conference service Participants call dial the toll free number, and then type in the pass code. After that they are placed instantly to the conference call sessions. While in case of the non toll free type of conference services, all the participants need to dial some long distance number.

It is ideal for the internal company type of calls. However, these tolls free costs are more costly as in comparison to the non-toll free type of services. There are many companies that offer this plan but one needs to select the best one according to the requirements. Pay per use type of conference service is very user-friendly and one needs to pay only for the minutes that have been used.