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If you are not among the fortunate ones to have enough funds to get the best conference service in the world, then you do not have to be bogged down, there are cheaper conference services at your disposal. If the purpose of the conference is not professional and you casually want to hold a conference with your friends or family, you can use the services available on the internet for free. There are sites like skype and yahoo messenger that give you free conference services provided you have a system and the instruments required, namely the headphone and the web camera. However if you want to have a professional call even then there are other options available to you.

You can but discounted minutes of call in bulk. It follows the principle the more you buy, higher will be the discount and the lesser amount you will be paying to the provider. However if you are a very frequent user of the service then you must consider the flat rate services. With this kind of a plan you can make unlimited calls and pay the same amount. It is therefore the more calls you make the more amount of money you are saving. These plans are very useful to those who have to make many calls.

The cheap service providers are those who have their own infrastructure and bridges. Therefore they do not have to bear the expense of any outsourced service. When the provider has other expenses like the outsource charges, the cost of the service automatically becomes very high.