MOS scores for conference call quality coming to CCP soon

We’ve now initiated an additional layer of factoring for ranking conference call providers, via the industry standard utilised by most telecoms providers to determine the quality of audio. We’ll be rolling out MOS (Mean Opinion Scores) to conference call providers that we rank on CCP so to provide further reassurance for which providers bring the very best in audio quality; which is still the number 1 pet peeve for most on conference calls.

How we determine scores based on MOS?

First of all, the grading ranges from 1 to 5, as follows:

5 – Excellent (crystal clear audio throughout call)

4 – Very Good (crystal clear, with one or two small audio issues, but nothing causing issues in communication)

3 – Fair (Relatively good audio quality, but showing signs of communication issues)

2 – Poor (Audio issues causing constant issues in being able to communicate freely)

1 – Bad (Near to inaudible for most of the call – most likely most calls would end due to issues)

The 1 – 5 grading system allows us to an Absolute Category Ranking. While there will still be a mix of objective and subjective, we look to slowly roll this programme out over several months. An average score of 4+ would be considered a worthwhile conference call service to investigate further prior to use, while scores of 3.5 and below would most likely lean towards steering clear of such a provider.

We look to start implementing MOS scoring as a factor in 2019 and look to refresh results every 6 months.