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Not all people are well equipped with the finances and therefore all can not afford the expensive conference call services. However they do not have to be discouraged as there are services which provide cheaper facilities. There are cheap conference calls also available and as their names suggest they are simple, the inexpensive versions of the conference call. You can go for the cheap conference calls and also for the conference calls that are free of any cost. There are also flat rate conference calls where you can make unlimited calls by paying a flat rate. There are also many conference call services that provide discounted rates. However the budget of different people varies and the term cheap has not got the same dimensions for all people. For some $50 might be cheap but at the same time many might find this expensive.

The best thing about the cheap services is that they are also reservation-less. All you have to do is to call up the toll free number and then you can ask the provider to give you the secret code. You can then give this secret code to the people who you want to participate in the meeting and go ahead with the conference call. You do not need some technologically advanced instrument for it. All you need is the normal telephone instrument which has the feature of the conference call. Most of the telephones have this facility and therefore you do not have to further invest in any other thing.