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Before you go any further – take a look at our top conference call providers offering international services by clicking the below button:

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Making an international conference call, while it appears straight forward, isn’t always the case with many conference call providers. Two key issues are the associated costs of such a call and the quality of audio thereof.

Firstly, if you currently use a conference call provider for national call use, you may think the quality is ok, but when you then start to have international calls, you’ll want to know the service provider that you use is properly setup for such a call.

For example, if you are located in the United Kingdom and you have a conference call requirement with someone from Australia, you’ll be wanting to have a provider that has worldwide hosting coverage and not just any cheap setup. This, from the offset is impossible for the average consumer to know about, so you simply have to test the water and find one that works well… but of course, you probably don’t want to do this on a live international call with a client or prospective.

Take a look at our top 10 conference call providers (those that have great international coverage).

Secondly, there’s the cost. Conference call companies such as PowWowNow and Conference Genie only cater to “free conference calling” which means that while you have no monthly set fee to pay, the per minute cost can be extraordinarily higher than that of a paid per month sub.

Furthermore, there’s companies don’t typically offer international phone numbers, so, while you will be footing the bill for your local geolocation number, if you’re asking someone half way across the world to be dialing in to the exact same phone number, they’re phone bill is going to be astronomical! Beware of falling in to such a situation, as many do.

So, what to do if you need to make an int’l call? Have a look at our top 10 conference call providers and pick one that offers great service that is also able to provide a robust international conference calling facility – this will ensure you have fantastic audio quality at the most affordable rate possible.

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