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Once you have got the conference call service you can just get ahead with it. How to go about it largely depends on the purpose of the call. The approach is different for each purpose and you can either go for a casual call where you just talk to your friends and family or you could go for a highly professional conference where you need to attend a meeting.

If you are going for the casual conference then you could make use of the free cervices that are available through the internet. There are many free conferencing facilities available that are very efficient for the casual conferences. Skype, yahoo messenger or Mebeam.com are a few which provide free desktop conference services. These are even effective very fast and the best part is that they are free of cost.

However if the purpose of the call is business or any other more professional reason, then you must opt for a more professional service. These services are more secure and confidential. They take extreme care that the privacy is maintained. They are comparatively more reliable and functional. There are a number of conference calls providers that you can choose from. These offer their own services and features and also have their own charges.

You just have to sign up for the account that can be done over the phone or even online and as you receive your passcodes, you can get started with the conference calls.