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The set up of the service is not very difficult and generally to set up an account you do not have to pay anything. You can pay per call per minute and you can also go for a flat rate that gives you unlimited calls. If you have to use it occasionally then the plans that are paid as you go are best for you. In these plans you have to pay only for what you use and when you use as well. The most important choice that you have to make is between a toll free conference number that with which you can access the conference bridge or the regular number that you can use for the long distance call. Toll free number happens to be more expensive. It goes without saying that it will be more expensive if you choose the toll free conference service.

Once you receive the pass code for the host of the conference call and the participants and the guest. Then everyone has to call to the same number and they have to feed in their respective codes. There can be multiple persons who can be calling on the moderator code. Then the moderators using the controls will perform various functions. They can even mute all the participants to remove the background noise completely and so that the moderators can be heard clearly. Then you can just begin with sending out your meeting coordinates and the passcodes and just start with the conference calls.