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The free service providers are generally for promotion of a particular service. Once the time period is over you need to pay for the service. This is the scene with the free conference calling services. Hence if you totally rely on these plans for your business and plan your investment according to them then it would get difficult for you. Another problem that is generally faced with the free service providers is that they are not very reliable in term of the quality of the connection. Since there are no customer care services employed for these hence if you seem to encounter any problem in the middle of a call then it is not likely to be corrected.   There are chances that you would have to terminate the call for the moment to get the problem sorted out. As already mentioned that they do not employ any customer care department hence problems like quivering connection or voices are not paid immediate attention. In such conditions doing business gets impossible. The client meeting you have been so desperate to set up is disrupted because of a bad connection is a huge loss. In such cases it is better to take up paid service. They would pay you off well. They are reliable in terms of service and their quality and you can continue with your work without any problems and disturbances.

In case you are still hooked to the idea of going for free services then you can think of doing the conference calls via internet. The quality and the connectivity are same and even better than the ones you might be paying for. The coming of computers makes it more user-friendly once you understand the basic process. Also it increases the varieties of applications.