Oops, 1 415 363 0833 just cost you a bomb? (It doesn’t need to be this way)

Don’t tell us, you’ve just noticed your phone bill is higher than usual and this little gem of a number; 1 415 363 0833 has cost you the earth, and you’re wondering what it is, and why it’s cost you so much, right?

1 415 363 0833 is a phone number that’s owned by a conference call service provider, which is part of their “shared” list of conference call numbers, costing you typically 100% more than a paid-for conference call service.

Q. What is a ‘shared’ conference call number?

A. Many conference call companies use to call these numbers, such as 1 415 363 0833, as a phone number on their ‘free conference call’ service, but in more recent times, rebranded to shared, because, as we’ve been campaigning for, for ages; free, when it comes to conference calling, is anything but free. We fully support conference call companies in rebranding from “free” to “shared” as we believe, while maybe not intentional, many people were utilising these services, expecting absolutely no costs incurred whatsoever.

However, again, we cannot emphasis this enough; ‘shared’ call costs are nothing but rebranded ‘free’ – you can get the lowdown on ‘shared’ costs, here.

Q. Are there better options?

A. YES! There are much more AFFORDABLE and more RELIABLE services out there. To be clear, the ‘shared’ call cost phone numbers are ideal for some conference call types, for example, if you are having a one-off conference call, and the only attendee you’re paying for is via one phone, and the call is very short, then it may make sense to utilise a shared service. However, for the vast, vast majority of people and companies, the better option is to use a paid-for service provider, where you’d get ‘x’ number of inclusive minutes per month. This way, you have far better control over costs and typically, you’ll more than half your conference call phone bill.

Find a provider based on your requirements.