Finding these numbers costly? 0818 270 007 / 1520 932 850

You’ve probably come across this page after just receiving your phone bill and noticing a large phone bill, in particularly, connected to phone number 0818 270 007 or 1520 932 850.

Q. Who owns 0818 270 007 / 1520 932 850?

A. It’s not a fiddle, you’ve not paid for something you’ve not received – either you, or someone else that has access to phone line has dialled in to one of the above numbers for a conference call – the numbers are owned by a conference call service.

Q. Why am I being charged so much?

A. The phone numbers 0818 270 007 / 1520 932 850 are part of the conference call services ‘shared’ cost service. These are great phone numbers for quick, throw-away, one off, short conference calls, but as you are getting charged in the region of €0.12 per minute. Ouch!

Q. Is there a better option?

A. Yes! As mentioned above, these ‘shared’ cost numbers are ok, if it’s a one-off call, that is also short in call length, however, for everything else, it’s worth investigating making use of a paid for service, where you pay for ‘x’ number inclusive minutes per month, typically taking the costs down dramatically, i.e., from €0.12 to €0.03 per minute, easily.


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