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Tele-conferencing had taken the world so well that there are now provisions that you can make a conference call for free. So if you have friends and family far off in say Korea, you can talk to all of them, at once and for free. The best part is that you can now be on the phone for as long as wish to. It is also a good thing for business, but when you need the service of conference calling for doing business then it is preferred to take paid services. The reason behind this is that the paid services are more reliable to use. The paid services have dedicated customer services that are always there to help you with the connection and smooth completion of the work. Most of the times when doing a conference call; you are in some important meeting and presentation. In such a case it is highly unprofessional to disconnect because of technical problems. Hence it is advised that paid connections should be taken up to avoid such sticky situations and have a free flowing talk.

Now when it is the case of talking to family and friends, it is a boon. In this type of calling you won’t mind if the voice quivers a little or the connection a slight noisy. Yu can cover it all up with the overflow of emotions and laughter. Also a free conference call can be started with the help of a computer, this type is absolutely free and the connectivity and clarity is also worth the kudos. You can attach a web cam to the computer and enjoy the face to face talk with each other. We can witness how much technology and its advancement has changed our lives.