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As outlined in our “say no to free conference calling services” article, if you think you can use 0330 606 0184 or any derivation there of by freeconferencecall.com, then think again.

If you are in the UK and you make use of the above 0330 phone number, you’ll be charged up to 5x more than what you would be charged from a regular conference call service provider.

If you’re fed up of finding this expensive phone number on your bill, make the change to a new provider fast and easy, now.


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ProviderCall Mgmt.Call RecordScreen ShareRatingsIdeal forFree TrialReview


Y Y Y 4.9 (107 Reviews)* SMEs & Enterprise Y


Y Y Y 4.5 (14 Reviews)* SMEs N


Y Y N 4.2 (18 Reviews)* Enterprise N


Y Y Y 3.9 (7 Reviews)* SME Y


Y Y Y 3.6 (15 Reviews)* SMEs Y

Zip Conferencing

N N N 3 (2 Reviews)* SMEs N


Y Y Y 3 (2 Reviews)* Enterprise Y


N N N 1.7 (13 Reviews)* SMEs Y