1 647 724 1772 – found this expensive number on your phone bill?

You’ve just looked at your phone bill and noticed a big bill, you look down the itemised billed phoned numbers and notice 1 647 724 1772. Ouch. You’re probably paying somewhere around the $0.05 per minute, right? I hope you don’t have a team of people utilising this phone number, but if you do – now’s the time to stop!

This phone number is from a conference call service that, once upon a time, was dubbed as a “free conference call service” which links you to phone numbers like this that cost quite a bit per minute, but Canada, you’re lucky, in other countries, people would love a basic $0.05 per minute on one of these “free” services – which are now known as ‘shared’ costs. Same prices, different branding; but there is better out there.

Find a new provider – get inclusive minutes for a low monthly fee.

“Free” AKA “Shared cost” providers are ‘ok’ for certain uses, for example, a complete one-off call, where you are paying the cost of just one conference call attendee, that lasts a short amount of time, however, more often than not, a paid-for conference call provider is cheaper. For example, you may pay $10 per month and you’ll receive thousands of inclusive minutes to utilise per month, making it a much more affordable option than free/shared cost services, but with more features and gaining better customer service levels too.

So, what are you waiting for? Find a superior conference call provider today, that’s also more affordable.