Say no to “Free Conference Calling”

Are you sure you want to utilise a free conference call service?

Free” sounds good, doesn’t it? But what if we were to tell you that “free conference calling” services were in fact not free? Because that’s the fact of the matter with 100% of all free conference calling services.

If the phrase “too good to be true” was ever to be applied to an industry – conference calling would be right up there as a leading industry as a top misleading marketing ploy.

Why free conference calling is not free:

To start with, as a member of the general public, we’re quite sure you fit in to the majority of thinkers, in that, you’d expect your call to be free. Unfortunately, this is why free conference call services make so much money – because of a preconception by the general public that that’s exactly what free means.

Unfortunately for the masses, this is exactly what free conference call is not. The term “free” in this industry in fact means that their product is free to use (the way that they connect with you others) and that you will not have any bills from them. HOWEVER, in the small text on these websites (if you dig deep enough) you’ll notice that although there’s no contract and no direct bills from the conference call provider, you will unfortunately have a nasty shock when it comes to your next phone bill, as the number you’ll dial will probably be an 0844, which means that the conference call provider shares the revenue made directly from your phone service provider, such as BT.

Stop using free conference call providers

Because of the high pence per minute rate of a free conference call provider, it’s much better to pay for inclusive minutes with a premium provider. This way, you then find that your inclusive (typically pre-paid) minutes will end up being at a much cheaper rate than any 0844 free conference call provider.

Examples of free conference call services to stop using:
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Start using non-free Conference Call Service Providers.

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