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There are thousands of people that search for ‘the best’ in teleconferencing every single year. Unfortunately, when you Google this, more often than not, you’ll be inundated with search pages full of links to ‘top 10 conference call providers’, or, ‘the very best in teleconferencing’. If only it was that simple!

Look, there’s no such thing as ‘the best’ (in a list format at least) when it comes to teleconferencing services, as one size does, absolutely not, fit all. Examples of this;

Bigger is not always better

One of the largest (in revenue) conference call providers in the world is PGi. Rated as ‘one of the best’, but it’s quite possible for your business, this will not be the case. They sell all the ‘bells & whistles’, yet, don’t expect to join with a small price tag. Likewise, it’s good to remember that more expensive (or cheap), doesn’t mean better quality service, or lack of.

Internet Based Providers (Slack, Skype, et al)

There’s a growing trend of some of the largest enterprises in the world, peddling web/app based conference calling, such as that from Slack (a bolt-on to their messaging service) and Microsoft’s Skype / Lync for Business.

Unfortunately, there are 2 key and often issue related problems at hand here. a) internet based – this means that you better hope that anyone and everyone that ever needs to join your conference call is guaranteed that they’re on a good quality internet connection. Or, as we mention here, this can easily and quickly, escalate in to a big issue.

Another large stumbling block is the ‘hassle’ factor. Some of the above are ‘ok’ for internal business use (some of the time), but, if you are wanting to use this with clients, or potential clients, you’re going to not only cause annoyances with internet connectivity issues, but also because you’re asking them to download an extra piece of software for their computer or phone, thus, also having to deal with a signup process. Very unprofessional!

We could go on, but we think you probably get the drift!


While it is easier than every before to sign up to a conference call provider (even online), the major concern still stands; figuring out which providers meet your requirements and not buying in to all the bells and whistles that you probably don’t need, but will cost you an arm and a leg and become a distraction more than anything.

Use our online questionnaire (we don’t need your details) and answer some simple question – we’ll then recommend you the best conference call provider, based on your requirements.