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Whether you’re looking to sign up to a conference call provider for the first time in 2019, or looking to replace your current service, there are certain factors to take in to account depending on your current circumstances.

If you’re looking for a replacement provider

  • If you’re in a contract, leverage potential new providers by seeing if they will pay off your current contract, provided you signup to the new service.
  • As you’ve been with a provider, you know how many conference call minutes you use per month. This is great news as you can go to a new provider with a ball park figure of minutes used, thus, get a quote based on this actual usage.

If you’re looking to utilise a provider for the first time

  • Before you contact and/or signup to a provider online, try to get a ballpark figure in your head for how many conference call minutes you may potentially use. This is incredibly important – it will stop a provider from signing you up to too many minutes per month, i.e., costs more than you really need, but more importantly, you need to understand what a conference call minute is – it’s not the same as a regular minute.
  • Use our get a quote form and we’ll suggest a provider based on your requirements.