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We recently covered a point of contention in a recent article when it comes to finding a one-time use conference call service provider, i.e., don’t go for the free ones, as they are anything but free!

Similarly, there’s a few pot holes to be aware of when looking for a flat rate conference call service – we’ll discuss those areas of concern, below.

Why utilise a flat rate service?

You’ve probably come to this page in look for a flat rate provider due to being stung by one of those ‘free’ services, to then find it was the very opposite. So, now you’re on the right track to affordable conference calling for your business, here’s the best way to understand which provider to use.

It’s all about the minutes – work it out!

If you’ve been utilising a free conference call provider for some time, the best way to find out how many minutes are being used on average by your business is by looking at your phone bill and adding all the conference call minutes up (you’ll need to find out the conference call phone number first). This should give you a good ball park figure – especially if you can use an average over several months, at least.

When you may pay more…

Now you know the ballpark minutes used, it’s time to find a provider that gives you a flat rate conference call service. However, there’s one key thing to be aware of when looking for a provider that offers flat rate – you’ll probably need to choose a plan based on minutes you’ll use, but ensure you check out what the cost per minute is if you go over your minutes – this could be a killer blow if you sign up for a flat rate plan that’s lacking minutes. Likewise, you don’t want to pick a plan where you won’t use all the minutes, thus, wasting money. So, always check that a) provider allows you to scale plan dependent on needs and b) double check and assure yourself of how much it would cost in ‘additional minutes’ used outside of the plan.

Ready to find a provider?

Use the below recommendations engine to find a provider that meets your needs:

Q1. For what purpose do you need a conference call provider?