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We’ve previously written about the toils of conference call audio quality and what you can do as a host to rectify the issues, or, at the very least, diagnose the problem.

What about if it’s more than just poor audio quality, what if it is a continuous disturbance on the conference line? Fear not. Even with the poorest of conference call providers, there are basic mute options that can be used by anyone and it doesn’t matter what conference call provider you’re with.

Mute from a landline

Available to anyone on a landline, simply pressing * 6…. that’s a combination of pressing the “star” or “asterisk” and then dial the number 6.

Don’t forget – if you want to start talking again, press ‘*’ + ‘6’ again!

Mute from a smartphone

Again, universally speaking, this should be even more simple on a smartphone, by pressing, you got it, the ‘MUTE’ button on the dial pad. And, of course, pressing again to unmute.

So, if you’re a host of a call with many attendees, if there’s a constant annoying sound that’s disturbing the call, ask all attendees to mute their phone, giving them the above simple info.

This is invaluable for large group calls, and if there’s only 1 or 2 speakers, you should ask all other attendees to mute at the soonest possible point of call.

There’s still a snag…

If you have a call where numerous people need to talk, then the above solution is not idea – people will try to talk while being on mute still, thus feeling ignored, but forgetting they muted themselves!

Likewise, you’re always going to have a percentage of people that just do not get it! Knowing your luck, they’re probably also the ones that are causing the disturbance too!

But wait, there’s better out there!

Wouldn’t it be good if there was a conference call provider, where, as the host of the call, you can easily target the disturbance and mute with ease, instead of relying on each individual, by pot luck, to do it themselves.

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