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We recently wrote about how conference calling can become part of your Corporate Social Responsibility policy as it aides in improving our environment, due to cutting down on travelling to meetings and the associated CO2 emissions. However, a big negative for conference calling versus face to face meetings are that you cannot share the same information as well over oral communication, as you can when you can place a laptop or paperwork in front of someone and take meeting attendees through it.

Screen share – it compliments conference calls perfectly

As we mentioned above, conference call audio can only get you 1/2 way through a meeting, but if you need to share information that is better when visualised, screen share compliments audio conference calls, perfectly.

Here’s how most people utilise screen share with conference calls

Presentations. Be it on a PowerPoint slide based presentation, or other presentation software – screen share is an ideal alternative to sending out the presentation via email before the call starts. Furthermore, it keeps you in control as attendees can’t get bored and try to skip ahead. Screen share literally ensure you all stay on the same page.

Demos. Whether you are trying to demonstrate a SaaS product, or demoing a model, screen share is a great partner that will be just as good as if you were next to demo attendees, in the same room.

What to look out for when looking for a complimentary screen share product

  • It doesn’t need to be a separate service.
  • Utilise a screen share service that only requires the host to download software (don’t expect all your attendees to be able to successfully download just prior to, or while on a call – it will never happen).
  • Always try out a screen share service before using on a live call.

Amongst our top providers you will find those that offer conference calls with a complimentary screen share addon – take a look now.