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Loose lips, sink ships.

Perhaps, you’re one of those that doesn’t mind who is on your conference call. Perhaps the thought of listeners lurking in the background, taking in all that you and others are saying doesn’t bother you, but it does matter – it matters to all of us, as dictated by GDPR; your negligence to source a secure conference call provider is down to you.

Organisations in the legal sector are a prime example of companies that demand the very best in security and client confidentiality, thus, their conference call provider needs to be on top of this, but please don’t just assume they are; you need a conference call provider that gives you the tools to ensure privacy & confidentiality, else, who knows who’s peeping in to your conversations?

Consequences of poor confidentiality & security housekeeping

  1. GDPR. You may be liable to large fines for not keeping data secure, yes, that also includes audio. And no, it’s not just the conference call service provider that’s negligent!
  2. Your trust. Again, using the legal sector, confidentiality is imperative. Lose your trust, lose your business.
  3. Your intellectual property. Industrial espionage happens at all levels, not just at the top echelon of businesses. Don’t give an easy anonymous way in, via non-secure conference calls.

“My conference call provider is secure” -are you sure? Answer ‘yes’ to any of the below, and we can guarantee it’s not a secure as what you believe.

  • Do you re-use the same conference call details time and time again – people from past calls could redial anytime.
  • If you need people to leave a call while private discussions with others continue – how can you be sure that attendee has left?
  • Can you lock the room? How about ensure you’re the first one to join? Is the room ‘live’ all the time, or only when you join? – Can you be sure your line hasn’t been compromised?

What you need to look for in a conference call provider to ensure confidentiality

  • Ability to generate new dial-in details
  • Ability to lock the conference call room
  • A live call dashboard so you can see phone numbers/people in the call
  • Ability to ‘boot’ ghost callers from lurking

Take a look at our list of top conference call providers and find a service that meets these requirements.