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First and foremost, there’s one factor you need to know above all else if you’re looking for a conference call service provider that you require on a one-off basis; the cost. There are many ways you can host a one time call, so let us help you understand the options available to you so you don’t fall in to one of the costly traps.

Free Conference Call Providers for One Time Calls

No, just no. We’ve covered this numerous times in the past, but ‘free conference calling’ is a myth. What it actually means is, “Hey, no need to sign up to our service, you just need to pay for an overly expensive phone number”. Unfortunately, you don’t usually realise the impact of this expense until you get your phone bill and Google the phone number, like many do with; 0844 4 73 73 73.

But how expensive can it really be for using such a service? OFCOM (telecoms regulator) state, “xx” (ref).

Using Vodafone as an example, you can see the cost of calling 0844 number here:

Try it yourself: http://www.vodafone.co.uk/campaigns/calling-service-numbers/index.htm

45p + 80p per minute = £1.25 per minute.

A 60 minute call would cost you; £75!

If it’s your business and all participants use your company phones/mobiles, and let’s say 5 people on that 60 minute call, that’s a grand total of £375 for that one off call. OUCH!

The better option – a pay monthly contract

I know, it seems to defy logic, doesn’t it? A pay monthly contract for a one-off conference call, better than a “free” teleconferencing provider? Yes, absolutely!

We’ll take our current #1 conference call provider as an example (Meetupcall). These guys provide numerous pay monthly plans, from £9pcm to £99 & beyond.

Keeping all things equal, let’s use the above example conference call to put the numbers against Meetupcall too. To recap, that’s 5 participants on a 60 minute call (that equates to 300 conference call minutes in total (5 attendees x 60 mins). Thus, what we need now, is a plan that covers the requirement of 300 minutes:

As you can see from the above pricing (correct as of date of this article), the requirement of 300 minutes is between the £9 & £29 plan. What does this mean? If you go for the ‘Pro’ plan @ £9/month, the first 250 minutes of the call will be inclusively covered in plan costs, while the additional 50 minutes (to get to 300 mins) would be charged at an additional cost of 5p per minute, per attendee. Thus, your total cost would be £9/month + £12.5 (50 mins x 5 attendees = 250 mins * £0.05).

Thus, your final bill for the one-off conference call would be just ~£21.5. That’s a £353.50 saving vs. using the “free” provider! Alternatively, you could select the £29/month contract and receive additional benefits such as call recordings and screen share – and, the 300 minute call is completely covered within the inclusive minutes.

“But wait, this is a contract, will I be locked in for 12 months?” No – these plans are currently a month to month rolling contract. please consult website for the latest details, but right now, with one months notice, you can use this monthly contract for a one off conference call. You telecom provider may charge extra for calling local dial-in numbers.

Visit Meetupcall today to learn more and signup online, here.