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Just like a good story, every conference call should have a start, middle and end. And with any good story, it’s the way you tell it which is important.

3 Simple Steps

Best practice note taking.

  1. Don’t take notes while on call. What we mean by this is, sure, if someone is talking a lot and something comes to mind to ask, then it’s always good to take a jot a quick note to help you interject in to conversation once current attendee stops talking. However, when it comes to taking notes that you’ll rely on post-call, now isn’t the time to make such notes. What you need to do is…
  2. Record the call. That’s right – ensure you have a recording of the call, rather than making notes while on call. This will help you twofold; a) It allows you to focus on the call instead of focusing on scribbling frantically and b) when jotting quickly (and trying to focus on call) it is easy to lose your way and make mistakes. Next thing you know, you’re behind with the conversation and way behind on note taking that now makes absolutely no sense.
  3. No assumptions. It’s too easy to rattle through¬†agenda points in a conference call, especially if you have a few too many ‘yes men’ on the call, acting like nodding dogs as you go through each point. Again, ensure you have a start, middle and ending – that includes each agenda point, so before you start the next agenda point, ensure the specific attendees have their ears perked up and then you can get on to the detail, then finishing with whom is needing to take action for this point and ensuring those involved are all in agreement with what has been said.

So, you’ve completed the call – you’ve gone through each point and ensured there was buy in and each person knows who is taking action on each point – now it’s time to take conference call meeting minutes, which you can now do at a slower rate, by re-listening to the call and as long as you created a start, middle and end to each agenda point, writing up these minutes will be concise and easy to make.

If your conference call provider doesn’t allow you to create recordings, perhaps it’s time to find a new service provider.