Germany had Broadband Video Conferencing in 1930’s. The New Gen. Demands it.

1st March 1936 – the first public video call was introduced with a call from the main Berlin post office by Paul von Eltz-Rübenach (headed up mail operations in Nazi Germany) to Carl Friedrich Goerdeler, the Mayor of Leipzig, in his town’s post office, approximately 200km away.

Unfortunately, this technology never say the light of day for mass use until our current generation. In other words, we went ~70 years without video conferencing really seeing the light of day again, but of course, for anyone in the conference call industry, it was always going to reappear, it was just about the infrastructure being in place to cope with good quality video conferencing. Yes, while 200km cabled broadband is ok from point a to z, it’s a different bull game when you need to logistically wrap the world in this form of comms.

The new gen. demands it.

Personally, belonging to the ‘just in’ as a millennial when it comes to birth dates, ‘we’ and older gens have been more use to purely audio communication for conference calling. However, with younger millennial coming in to and becoming managers in the workplace, the thought of being live on video is second nature to them as they are avid social media users on such apps as Snapchat and Tiktok. No, hear me out – I heard that groan!

We have the technology now. We have the internet that’s sufficient for the majority of the world to hold good video calls without interruptions, so why are you not making use of video conferencing? With lockdown, work from home and social distancing, a lot can be missed in pure audio conferencing. Nuances in the words used and how you say them can be lost when not seeing the facial expressions that go with the words; that’s why the worlds top sales people prefer face to face – not only beneficial, but magnitudes better than just audio. However, with the current pandemic, you need, absolutely need video conferencing.

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If only the Nazis focused on video conferencing rather than Aryan race world domination. They could’ve dominated the world as a Zoom of their time.