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Dial-out AKA “the conference call provider that calls you” is by far, the single most important feature you could make use of to iron out one of the key issues that arise with most conference calls; issues with getting people to attend your call, albeit due to:

  • Attendee incorrectly dialling in
  • Attendee mislaying conference call details
  • Attendee dialling in at the wrong time (late or too early)
  • Attendee forgets they’re on a conference call

All the above problems are attendee related issues, so if it’s a client, or potential client, this isn’t the best way to kick of conversations, when it’s preceded by frustration. Not to mention the waste in time and money trying to diagnose and clamber around getting all attendees on board with the call.

Fear not – all these problems can be eradicated.

Difference Between Dial Out & Dial In

It all comes down to how you join a conference call. Most, still to this day, dial-in to a conference call. That means, you are having to pick up the phone and dial the conference call phone number and subsequent dial-in details, as depicted below:

Dial-in conference call service

Whereas, with a ‘dial-out’ service, the conference call service calls you and all attendees at a predesignated start time, so all you have to do as an attendee if pick up your phone when it’s ringing and you’ll be placed on to the call with everyone else. Thus, you no longer have to worry about:

  • Joining call at the right time.
  • Scrabbling around looking for the conference call details
  • Time zone conversion. The matter the time, you’ll receive a call at the exact same time as anyone else
Dial-out conference call service

Interested in using Dial-Out?

Save time, save money and save everyone’s time – find a conference call provider today that utilises the dial-out feature: