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Look, if your conference call needs are purely for internal use, then there’s no point in reading any further. However, if your teleconferencing use is client facing, like Communication Consultants, then customisable and branded conference calls are ideal. Likewise, if your business operates on reselling white label products, teleconferencing can be an excellent addition to your arsenal of products you sell as a third party.

What is a branded conference call services

When your business is client facing, and the use of conference calling is also a form of communication with your clients, a branded and customisable conference call experience gives any presentation a smart, uniformal touch.

What can you typically customise to match your brand?

a) Audio. Typically, a conference call provider that offers a brandable and customisable experience will allow you to change subtle differences on your call such as the welcome greeting.

b) Visual. There are numerous components that can make up the visual aspect of anything that can be customised, such as the invites that get sent out to participants, or if there’s a screen share and/or conference call dashboard available, then typically the colours and the insertion of your brand is also possible.

What are Reseller & White Label conference call services

Such a service is geared up more towards those wanting to resell under their own brand umbrella. Ideal for businesses that already work within the reseller market, in particular to those that already resell in to businesses – reselling teleconferencing can be a no-hassle, fast way to make additional revenue.

Our current #1 recommended conference call service provider offers the above services and more. Find out more about Meetupcall here, or take a look at our top conference call providers list to compare with others.