Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Call Top Rated Questions & Answers

1. What are the best conference call services?

We have a top list of the best conference call service providers via our directory page that are ranked by customer ratings. However, you should also take in to account that just because a provider is top rated, it doesn’t always mean they’re a best pick for your business – that’s why we have our own proprietary quote engine to help you find providers, based on your business requirements. See full answer, here.

2. Can Google Hangouts do conference calls?

In short, yes. However, it depends what you need it for. If it’s for internal business use and all participants are on a good internet connection, sure, as a basic form of communication, Google Hangouts will do. However, if you require a provider that’s for external business use, i.e., parters and client facing, it’s much better to find a dedicated conference call provider that has more expertise in this area.

3. How do you set up a teleconference?

The most basic means on setting up a teleconference with other attendees is to provide each attendee with a dial-in phone number and conference call room ID which ensures all participants are directed quickly in to the correct conference call. However, if you want something more efficient and more secure, i.e., so not just anyone can join a call, you should find a provider that gives each attendee personalised conference call details. See full answer, here.

4. How do I make an international conference call?

If you have numerous conference call participants wanting to dial-in to a call, remember to provide each attendee with their country specific dial-in number. This will ensure that conference call costs are kept down, as, if you provider a UK dial-in phone number for someone in the UAE, for example, the associated costs will be significant as international calling charges will apply.

5. How do I book a conference call?

The toughest job when it comes to conference calls, is booking a call with each attendee, especially if there’s additional complexities such as attendees dotted around in different countries and time zones, you need to ensure people can a) join a call at the right time and b) ensure each attendee has a local dial-in number, mot relevant to their country, or region. Fear not; many of our top providers make the process of arranging, joining and attending calls super easy – taking all the complexities out of the process and automating it, thus, taking the weight off your shoulders and maximising the number of attendees that join. Take a look at our directory for recommendations.

6. How many calls can be connected to a conference call?

There’s two key factors when it comes to how many callers you can have on a conference call; a) number of callers (attendees) your conference call provider allows you on your plan. b) the quality of the service. For example, 100 attendees with one provider may work exceptionally well, however, if you are with a provider that doesn’t load balance their servers and/or not enough resources/cheap servers, the quality of audio will be negatively impacted. Always check and test that your conference call provider is up to the task of large conference call attendee numbers. See full answer here.

7. Is there a free conference call service?

Yes, there is such thing as a ‘free’ to use conference call service, but the phone bill for you and your attendees will end up astronomical, versus the utilisation of an ‘inclusive minutes’ conference call plan. Why? When a provider talks about a ‘free’ conference call, they’re talking about their service costs, however, what they will inevitably be doing is making you dial in to a conference call number such as an 084* number, where you and your attendees could be charged anywhere from 15-35p per minute (each), thus, a 60 minute call with 6 attendees would be winging its way to your phone bills at a total between £54 to £126 just for one call! It’s much better to sign up to a conference call provider that offers inclusive minutes plans, thus, you’ll be charged, usually, at the local dial-in rate, which could be free.