Conference Call Facilities

Looking for a conference call facilities provider that can offer you everything from the most fundamental of needs, such as high quality audio to screen share and call recording? This is your best place to start.

Top Conference Call Facility Providers:

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How do we determine our top conference call facility service list?

As of August 2015, there are more than 21,400 search results on Google of website pertaining to have information on conference call providers, offering everything from HD audio to fantastic user interfaces and more. The problem with provider websites, is that they’ll ‘toot their own horn’ to how great their product and service is, but you probably don’t want to rely on this completely – especially if you’re wanting to bring on a new conference call facility provider for a large business where the level of service and product is pinnacle to the buying decision.

We rate conference call businesses based on the overall ability to provide a service that’s second to none.

  1. First and foremost, our reviewed conference call providers need to be able to host calls with minimal disruptions and with audio quality that does not hinder or frustrate the communication of information from call participants.
  2. Affordability is also high on our priority as a grading tool – not because we think it’s best, but because feedback we receive from people that visit our website every single year tell us that price is incredibly important. And so it should be, especially with so many providers out there touting “free” conference calling, which is in fact, anything but free. Then you get those the other side of the spectrum that are incredibly cheap, but you then fear for the quality of the service. Unfortunately, there’s no hard rule in place for how affordable a product is; we just know that’s it’s no good grading a conference call provider high on affordability, if it can’t be backed up by point 1; call quality.
  3. Feature availability is our last golden rule our top 10 providers are ranked via, which is a large area to cover as new features come to market every week within this industry, but what you really need to know is; what’s worth it (needed) versus gimmicky items. Top features we look out for are those features that add the most value – items such as a) international (local dial-in) phone numbers b) dial-out functionality (service provider calls you at beginning of call and not the other way around), c) 1-touch dial-in, so no more need for you or your call participants to remember PINs, phone numbers, etc. This list is endless, but we begin with what’s important to the average conference call user.