Enterprise Conference Call Services

If your visiting this page, we hazard a guess that you’re either an IT professional (management/director), or a PA/secretary that has been asked to sort a list of conference call providers that can handle enterprise sized conference call requirements.

Important Factors to Consider:

If you’re not too sure where to start with your look, don’t worry, we have you covered. Key points to take in to account when looking for enterprise conference call services:

  • SLAs – does the conference call provider have service-level agreement in place? Important for 2 key reasons; a) It gives you a benchmark on how to rate the provider, i.e., if the provider states a 99.99% uptime and issues resolved within ‘x’ mins/hours, this gives you a peace of mind that issues, when they arise, will be dealt with promptly. And b) if issues are not resolved within time limits of SLAs, then it gives you leverage to gain discounts and/or withdraw from contract without exit fees.


  • Scalability – Hugely important for large corporations. You don’t want to be signing up to a provider that doesn’t have SLAs, nor do they appear to have pricing above and beyond that of typical SME pricing scales – if you joined such a provider, you’re more than certain to have issues. So, look for providers that have enterprise level packages available and find out from the provider if they have similar companies within same industry as yours, or, at least same scale of business – get case studies where possible.


  • Account Management – Do not sign up to a conference call provider without knowing if you’ll get an account manager or not. SLAs are great, knowing the business scales with you, is great. However, don’t settle for just the regular support team – if you’ve got dozens or hundreds of personnel in your business that will be making use of conference calling facilities, you need to know that you’ve got a point of contact – a named individual that you can be confident in knowing they’re dealing with your needs.


  • Security, ISO & GDPR Policies – A big one of IT teams, you need to carefully consider what the conference call provider has in place in regards to certification on security, ISO and policies for privacy, such as GDPR.


  • Redundancy & Disaster Recovery – You will know in your own business, things can go wrong from time to time. What does the conference call provider have in place, if for example, the hosting that the provider uses goes offline – is there a disaster recovery plan in place?


Enterprise level conference call providers to look in to using:



  • Simple Integration
  • Security & Reliability
  • Customisation & Branding

Visit Meetupcall’s Enterprise Plan page for further information.


  • Delivery of Complex
  • Solutions Support in Eight Languages
  • Training Programs

Visit PGi’s Enterprise Plan page for further information.


Other points:

Being the person that’s looking for enterprise conference call services, we know that while price is important, nothing is quite as important than to ensure you pick the best provider catered to the needs of your enterprise-sized business. Thus, while our main list on the homepage caters to SMEs of all sizes, larger corporations should pay more attention to the top 3 conference call providers.


Top Conference Call Providers

Provider Further Information Google Review


Meetupcall Review 4.9 (90 Reviews)



Arkadin Review 4.4 (11 Reviews)



BT MeetMe Review 4.2 (18 Reviews)



PowWowNow Review 3.6 (11 Reviews)



LoopUp Review 3.4 (5 Reviews)


Zip Conferencing

ZIP Conferencing Review 3 (2 Reviews)



PGi Review 3 (2 Reviews)



Callr Review 1.7 (13 Reviews)



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