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Located in the United Kingdom, but need to conference call people in Canada? Fear not, there are many that can solve this problem for you, but only a few that can provide you with a genuine service.

While *most* conference call providers will note that you can conference call with participants in Canada, the problem usually becomes apparent once you get your phone bill. What you need is a conference call provider that offers LOCAL dial-in numbers for Canada and the UK (if that’s where you currently are). The best way to find such a service is to use the following Google search. Yes, that’s right, make sure you make the most of any free trial that you may get with the conference call provider to ensure the quality is good enough before you use again and/or signup for a paid account.

Remember to also cross reference with our top 10 conference call providers list. If you’re tempted to use a provider that isn’t in the list, you may want to think twice about why that may be.