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Welcome to CCP. You’ve probably stumbled across this article because you’ve found the 0820 4000 1503 phone number on your bill. Also, we’re going to take a guess that the cost associated to this number to be quite costly, right?

Charges of 11.6 cents per minute or more?

From our own investigations, we know you are probably paying a minimum of 11.6 cents per minute, but we’ve also seen bill where the cost has been double of this.

Why is the number appearing on my phone bill?

The phone number belongs to PowWowNow and is one of their dial-in phone numbers for their conference calling service. Namely, this 0820 4000 1503 phone number is PowWowNow’s Australian based phone number with English prompts, while 0820 4000 1502 is their German language prompt dial-in number.

It doesn’t have to be this expensive!

While PowWowNow dubs their services as “free”, these phone numbers, are you’ve found out, are anything but free! Take action today and find yourself a conference call provider that offers a quality service, but at an affordable rate with rates starting as low as 3p per minute, meaning huge, instant savings for your business.

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