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You’ve probably come to this web page because you searched for the 070 35 99 45. Are guess it that you’ve found it on your phone bill, right? Well, this phone number is owned by PowWowNow (a conference call provider) and this is one of their Belgium based numbers, for those to use that are located in that country. There are 2 other phone numbers that Belgium users can use to dial-in with, but this one in particular has English dial-in prompts.

Why is this phone number so expensive?

The minimum per minute rate you will be paying is 17.4 cents (€), but depending on phone carriers in use, you could be spending double the price per minute.

Stop paying so much!

There’s no need to be paying 17.4+ cents (€) per minute for conference callers based in Belgium. In fact, you should only typically be paying around about 3p per minute.

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