Zoom for business use? Probably not, but great for families!

Zoom, love or hate this conference call behemoth, the press they have received since the start of this pandemic has left many of it’s competitors in absolute awe. Mentioned daily on TV, celebrities and pundits alike no longer sit in on “conference calls”, they’re now on “zooms” – this has caused a paradigm shift in what people search for when looking for such a communications platform. But is Zoom all it has cracked up to be in reality?

Zoom for Business?

Firstly, there’s no question that Zoom is a feature rich conference call provider, but the question is; is Zoom up to scratch for business conference call communication? Here’s a few stories of what’s come to light over the past month:

We’ve discussed privacy and security in great detail in the past, in particular, with examples of best practice for certain industries that need the best in confidentiality, such as the legal sector. We’ve also pointed out some industry hardened players that introduce video to conference calls in a great way, without many of the issues that come with Zoom:

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