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Work just 10 months this year with your 27 days holiday entitlement

There have been groans by managers over the past 24hrs across the UK. Why? There are hundreds of regurgitated articles sprinkled across the internet about getting 59 days off work this year by utilising your 27 days holiday entitlement, strategically. Thus, thousands of employees have been racing to the leave forms this morning, wanting the same days off as rest of the nation. And well, in case you’re not aware of how good this year is to basically work 10 months out of 12 this year, here’s the key dates:

April 4th – 19th

May 2nd – 10t

May 23rd – 31st

Aug 29th – 6th Sep

Dec 19th – 3rd Sep

Of course, there will be numerous jobs/career paths that will be scoffing at the idea of having such dates off, but for the typical office based job, these are ideal dates to have off, but of course, for senior management, for the best of the business, it’s going to be a big “nope” for many, due to others getting their holiday requests in before you. But wait, there’s still a chance!

We’ve written in the past on numerous occasions of why it’s important to have time off, in particular, time off that’s uninterrupted, but we’ve also discussed how it’s important to have good means of communication in place in case of emergencies.

So, senior management – let your staff have that time off, but make sure you’ve got a great communication platform in place, in case the need arises for fast and effective discussions.