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Who is it that’s managing your conference call service provider, internally? Are you aware of how much your service provider is costing you?

Cost Centre Control

For any business that has more than one department, you typically start to have cost centres for each department, so to understand where company expenditure is coming from. However, typically with cost centres, no one wants certain bills to be footed by their business – conference calling is one of them.

What is my conference call provider charging?

The simplest way to understand the costs involved with your conference call provider is when there is a contract in place and you get regular invoicing. However, as discussed previously, costs can be somewhat hidden from clear view and will be deep in a tangle of phone numbers, within your regular businesses phone bill. This typically happens when you are signed up to a “free conference call service”.

Save £1,000s by comparing providers in minutes

Perhaps you’re happy with your current conference call provider, but what if we told you that most businesses are paying too much for their conference call services? View & compare the UK’s top 10 conference call providers and see how much you can save, today.