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Coming to the close of 2018, there’s never been a better time than now to take up conference calling as part of your business strategy – from adding to your Corporate Social Responsibility, to mew lines of international dialogue, conference calling can be an integral part of businesses success.

If you’ve never signed up to a conference call service provider before, or looking to switch, the below list shows the best conference call services out there.

1. Meetupcall

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Meetupcall service SMEs and Enterprise sized companies worldwide with scalable conference call services, allowing efficient arrangement, hosting and post-call management. Read more about Meetupcall.

2. Arkadin

Not just another conference call provider. Like Meetupcall, Arkadin offer a host of features to back up their main audio conference service as well as other service to provide fully integrated unified communication. Read more about Arkadin.

3. BT Meetme

For conferencing and collaboration, British Telecom professionalism outshines most and their infrastructure is second to none. However, being one of the oldest names in the business, their conference calling service can be quite archaic in looks and use. Read more about BT MeetMe.

4. PowWowNow

One of the best providers in the game. PowWowNow have been around for some time now and offer a good audio service. Once known for their adhoc salesmen on the run style service (premium numbers, no signup required) have recently rebranded and now offer so many more conference call options. Read more about PowWowNow.

5. Loopup

One of the new kids on the block, Loopup have seen significant business growth over the past decade and are going from one new feature to another. Great pricing structures for SMEs, take a look at Loopup if you need an adhoc conference call service. Read more about Loopup.



Still confused about what are the best conference call services? We’re not surprised! It’s not as simple as just checking out a ‘top x’ list to understand which provider is best – and that’s because it all depends on YOUR business needs. Use the below form and answer some questions and we’ll recommend a provider based on your answers:

Q1. For what purpose do you need a conference call provider?