UK Could Face 2 Week Mini-Lockdown – Is Your Business Lockdown Ready?

While the science world continues to put the hours in to scramble for a COVID-19 vaccine, and there is optimisim due to numerous options being in the late stages of clinical testing and trials, the timeline for this is probably no sooner than Spring 2021.

Meanwhile, Westminster advisors and ministers are on a quest to break the chain with a second wave of COVID-19 uptake looking to be in the works, talks of a “mini 2-week lockdown” are on the cards to be used as a ‘circuit-breaker’ to bring the number of cases back down again.

For us mere mortals, there’s absolutely nothing we can do about the virus in terms of a vaccine, but when it comes to business and education, this is well in our remit of factors we can manage, and come out of this in a positive condition.

How can businesses be proactive and do their bit to break the transmission of this virus, but more to the point, make sure you can effectively run your business still:

Communication. Working from home for those that can, looks to be one of the best ways to break transmission of the infection, just like education – states in America such as California are well ahead of the curve here, with many Silicon Valley based businesses telling staff to work from home until at least Spring 2021 – as to with schools, colleges and universities. Thus, the comms. that you have setup is incredibly important.

Communication Platform Mix. There’s no one comms. platform that’s right for all potential use cases. However, generally speaking, you should have a minimum of these 3:

  • IM. Instant messaging for clear concise questions and answers between two or more people. Great for when immediate response not required and not a distraction for people that have their head down and in work.
  • Email. Same as IM, but for when no immediacy what so ever, but need to send/receive information that can be archived.
  • Conf. Calls. Conference calls are the corner stone to any communications mix, allowing for specifically timed/set meetings that need projects discussing in finer details and utilised to ‘spit-ball’ ideas. Important to set an agenda and ensure clear concise notes are taken to make it worthwhile for all.

For further reading, see our article on ‘Work from Home with success’.

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