Conference Call Providers

Top 8 Conference Call Providers for Businesses in 2020

Conference call services facilitate quick and convenient meetings, regardless of where participants are physically located. They can really help businesses organise their time and cut costs when organising meetings with staff, managers, clients and anyone else crucial to operations.


What kind of conference call features can you expect?

Business conference calling normally features a variety of tools to organise business meetings. Common features include automated invitations and responses and recording capability, which is far more accurate than minute taking and saves on staff costs.

Other conferencing features include access controls that allow you to restrict meetings to certain individuals – very useful for meetings of a sensitive or confidential nature.


Who are the best Conference Call providers for 2020?



From standard audio conferencing to web and video conferencing, Arkadin has the ability to host large scale virtual events, like webinars, webcasts and lots more audio and video events.

Arkadin Anytime

This is a great self-service audio conferencing system which is easy to use, available 24/7 for as many participants as you need, which is ideal when hosting calls across different time zones.


– Cloud PBX – Hybrid Audio for maximum flexibility
– Global Telephony Coverage – for meetings across time zones
– Unified User Interface – This is a very intuitive platform for smooth integration
– Contact Centre – Local centres for issues and questions
– Self-Care – A portal for self-service, keeping you in control
– Cloud Technology Deployment – For cost management

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BT’s One Collaboration system uses Dolby Voice and WebEx for optimum conference call quality, via a phone, computer or app. Depending on what you need from the service there are different packages to choose from.


BT MeetMe

It takes literally seconds to start a conference call – all you need is a phone and the dial-in number. You can start a BT MeetMe call instantly without having to book a slot which makes it ideal for ad hoc calls with your staff and clients and as a reactive tool to everyday business needs.

BT Event Calls

Event calls are generally for planned bigger meetings, like presentations and shareholder meetings. You get a guaranteed line for unlimited participants from up to 50 countries, and you can choose features like voting systems, Q&A management, and of course live video streaming.

All calls are also recordable, which is a totally secure way to control attendance and come with 24/7 support.

Web and video conferencing

All you need is a set of meeting passcodes and a variety of devices including smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, dedicated video devices etc.

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Callr is the new concept in conference calls, designed to provide a simple, hassle-free and high-quality experience for businesses of every size.


With Callr, there is no longer the need to dial into call numbers. Employees simply enter their phone number into Callr and it will automatically connect with participants, calling you a minute before your call is scheduled to begin.

Callr integrates with various most used calendars, ensuring every meeting is recorded and always prepped for dial-in.

Callr is 100% secure, using 256-bit AES and SSL encryption meaning that your event information is always private and safe.

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InterCall provides audio and video conferencing services, and its Unified Meeting 5 has a simple interface that doesn’t require training and it works in Outlook and Google Calendar.


With Call Manager, you can control all aspects of your conference calls and online meetings as well as handling scheduling, participation, security and other parts of online meetings easily and securely.

This system suits any company with various locations and with a limited IT capability to manage a digital transformation – so generally speaking, growing companies with expanding plans.



LoopUp has developed a system which makes it extremely easy to share content during your conference call without any distractions.

LoopUp offers various conference call package levels set at alternative prices, starting at 1,200 minutes per month for less than you might expect. LoopUp is so easy to use and comes with a great offer of a free one-month trial.

LoopUp integrates easily with any of your existing communication devices, as its format is so simple and intuitive to use. With LoopUp, you can do business remotely and meet in real-time, with just one click access to additional collaboration capabilities and meeting entry tools.


– LoopUp for Outlook makes it easy to send invites in a couple of clicks.
– Call start alerts notifies you when the first guest joins avoiding delays.
– Click the link and LoopUp calls you. No need to dial in.

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The system has been designed to be very user-friendly and easy to set up meetings. Meetupcall conference call services work globally with any device, making remote working not only feasible but productive.

You have a conference call interface that’s easy to use and carries several handy features including listing names, faces, and job titles of everyone taking part in your conference call or virtual meeting for easy reference and to guarantee confidentiality.


Costs generally depend on how much time you will need each month, and what additional call tools you would like to add on.

Key features like calendar integration are standard on all packages and there are no pins or numbers to remember, as the Meetupcall team contacts participants directly to alert them the call is starting. During the conference call, the host is totally in charge and can co-ordinate the conversation by muting or ejecting participants.

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PGi’s main system is Globalmeet, which is a go-to provider for businesses for audio and video conferencing, large-scale events, webinars, and webcasts.


Super straightforward and very user-friendly, with the facility for guests to access meetings from any device with a single click, Globalmeet hosts across more than 60 countries. It can ensure high-quality performance in most of the world and can integrate with your existing Skype server.

Using web integration, hybrid audio and meeting management, Globalmeet can handle over 100 users individually at a time. It includes meetings recording and the ability to store documents with secure encryption.

Globalmeet is perfect if you require a lot of global conference call time and need to share more than purely audio. It’s an intuitive system that allows staff and participants everywhere to start using it immediately, without training. Users are typically medium to large enterprises, but smaller companies can also benefit.

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PowWowNow is super easy to use and hassle-free. Great for web meetings, screen share and conference calls in a highly organised and connected way.


PowWowNow Standard gives you unlimited conference call participants and meetings, and access to a useful amount of VoIP and web meeting participants.

With PowWowNow Pro, the number of web meeting participants you can include increases and you can also benefit from freephone telephone numbers and local rate.

Your telephone keypad will help you to access a range of features that can really enhance your conference call experience.

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