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To this very day, spoken conversations are still by far the best form of communication. And while communication is very much seen as a soft skill, being able to provide information clearly and precisely is an absolute imperative for business success. Thus, it’s no surprise at all to use that most communication consultancies prefer to utilise tech that involves verbal forms of communication, rather than email/IM.

Verbal Trumps All

However, if you find that your communications consultancy colleagues prefer to utilise email/IM rather than verbal comms., then now is the time to make that change (ref: under-performing sales teams are usually down to poor comms).

Branding Power

Now, just a moment – don’t just go ahead and make use of just any conference call service. One of those “free” or “affordable” conference call providers probably won’t cut it. And, more to the point – they’re not going to go the extra mile to provide you a quality service. That’s why you need a conference call service provider that puts your brand to the forefront (and not that of the provider). For example, Meetupcall (our current #1 conference call provider) offers companies the ability to include their branding within their conference call offering, both with audio teleconferencing branded welcoming prompts, but also brandable attendee invites:

Find out more about Meetupcall’s ability to incorporate your brand in their their services, here.

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