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So, you’re fed up with your current conference call provider or, perhaps you’ve used Skype in the past on a personal basis and thinking this may be a good idea for your business to now use for conference calling? Hold your horses, Skype for Business (Lync) isn’t the best fit for all businesses. Read on.

skype for business

The positives:

  • Incredible cheap
  • Ideal for use within teams
  • No phone line required

The negatives:

  • Internet connection required
  • Due to above, not idea if travelling (4G connection most suitable)
  • Everyone on call would need Skype to be installed (not ideal if customer focused)
  • Quality degrades poorly vs. SIP


If you need comms within a business and everyone is guaranteed a good quality internet connect, Skype for Business (Lync) could be well worth looking at. However, if you are not sure on your internet connection always being the very best, or you are wanting customers on a call, you would be better suited to a traditional conference call provider.

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