Remote Board Meetings & Shadow Directors

There’s no getting away from it, the COVID-19 genie is well and truly out of the bag, and in a previous article we discussed ways to prepare your comms. in your business – however, have you thought about how you with deal with the skills gap if people contract coronavirus? Members of staff may be in-active for a number of weeks, so what can you do about it?


“What if you got hit by a bus, tomorrow?”

Key staff should have HO/TO notes complete way before this pandemic ever got underway. Now, there are many people that are against/shrug off making HO/TO notes as they feel it threatens their career, i.e., easier to sack and employ someone new. However, a better analogy to ask those that keep putting it off is; “What if you got hit by a bus tomorrow?”. HO/TO notes are imperative, no matter the risk to life being high or low.


Remote Board Meetings

Stop bringing people together, especially in confined spaces! It’s 2020, come on, we don’t need to be stuck in a stuffy meeting room, especially at times like this. And hey, a sneeze can travel 200 feet, according to M.I.T research. Do you really want to wipe the board out?


Shadow Directors

There’s a high likelihood that entire boards could be taken out of action for a period of time. Now is probably the time to start having senior members of staff become ‘shadow’ directors, and like a waterfall, have more junior members shadow senior staff members and so forth.

Again, don’t wait for pandemics to do this! Bringing ‘new blood’ in to the fold of more senior discussions can mature the entire work force and also bring new ideas to the table.


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