Question: is your business Brexit ready?

Over the weekend the internet, as usual, was raging or worrying about something. This weekend was just like any other; Police Scotland join the fray with this tweet, reminding people to have a grab bag ready to go in case of an emergency, for what ever reason that could be. Is a zombie apocalypse imminent? What do they know that we don’t?!

All joking to one side, there is an imminent potential threat that’s just around the corner, potential. No, we’re not talking about a natural disaster, or zombie apocalypse, but the dreaded word, the one word that’s divided the country for a few years now; Brexit.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a political post, and while we can’t agree on remain or leave, what we can probably agree on is that it has become a complete debacle, which, of all the things for MPs to blunder on, this is the one that will (and is already) touching all of our lives, and businesses don’t escape freely from the Brexit dilemma either (of course)!

We’ve never been so close to leaving the EU as we are now, but do we have any clarity? No, nowhere near to the extent of what we should have with the ball pushed this far down the road, but how can businesses be prepared?

We recently wrote a piece on how to enjoy a refreshing summer holiday and leave the business at the door, but, ensuring lines of communication are left open just in case it’s required, i.e., prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Brexit is no different in this respect. If we crash out and find ourselves out on a limb, businesses we need to step up where the government have got it so wrong, thus, conference calling services should be an important communications platform for you to openly discuss issues with clients, suppliers and partners in a timely manner.

Is your business going to be the boy scout of the corporate world, or are you going to wing it and hope for the best? Take a look at our top rated conference call service and find a provider that meets your business communication needs.