Post COVID-19 – Let’s not get back to ‘business as usual’

Through the fear, uncertain and doubt, there’s a glimpse of a brighter future we could all enjoy. We’re not taking the current situation lightly, families are being torn apart by this virus, but through all the madness, there’s a glimmer of hope at a fork in the road ahead of us and that is; are we going to go back to how things were, pre-COVID-19 outbreak, or shall we keep with some new found habits?

However tragic the current situation is, the skies are clearing over many skies as traffic decreases and nitrogen oxide in the atmosphere decreases. Surely, this is a good thing?

How many times have we heard, quite rightly too, Greta Thunberg in speeches around the world telling us, “Government aren’t doing enough” when it comes to the environment. And by looks of it, out of a more urgent necessity, governments have done the tough, but probably the right thing, and closed entire cities down to minimuse COVID-19 prevalence through the population.

Let’s not go back to how things were!

We’ve got Sir David Attenborough whom was triggered in February due to Climate Emergency Conference being cancelled. Well David, CORVID-19 has done more for climate change in past month than we as humans could ever do if it was left to us. But don’t worry, we’ll need the likes of Sir Attenborough and Greta once this “all blows over”, because, banged and bruised from a population decrease, mental health and financial crisis, people will go back to normal; driving to aimless jobs and sales meetings, back to polluting the atmosphere just like before. Great.


Let’s NOT go back to ‘business as usual’!

As we said, the skies are clearing, there are huge benefits to this – less health problems from the newly born to the elderly, less pressure on healthcare systems… heck, maybe the age of mortality will also increase! But for businesses, let’s not go back to the norm, please.

Your sales team really doesn’t *need* that fleet of cars to run around in.

Your sales team really do not need that face to face meetings as a “catch up” with your best customers

Your sales team really, really do not need to jet around the world for a face to face

You really don’t need that big, florescent lit office full of hamsters spinning in their wheels at their desks


Get smart

We’ve been banging on about improving your communications within businesses and organisations, and now, like no other time before, it’s time to pick up a great habit. Please refer to these past articles over the years for a good sense of how to improve your business comms.


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